Removing RegClean Pro from a computer is challenging but it still can be done with time and patience. If your computer is infected with an RegClean Pro there are many downloadable tools over the internet. It is very easy to get RegClean Pro on a computer. Most spyware with attach itself in code form on to your computer files. The coding will make it difficult to remove RegClean Pro. Some spyware will attach itself and keep prompting you to purchase antivirus software. It will give the illusion of scanning your drive and finding all kinds of viruses. This is called scareware. Unfortunately, many people do fall for this trick.


You must use extreme caution when removing RegClean Pro from your computer. All it takes is one wrong move and you can wipe out things that you did not intend to remove from your computer. Do not be surprise if you cannot remove all of the RegClean Pro coding it can be very resistant even if you do everything right. Please use our RegClean Pro Removal Tool. Another option is re-installing your operating system and install your software programs all over again. If you do regular back up to another drive, then you will be able to recover your data files too.

Spyware applications are a nuisance especially when it blocks you from downloading or visiting some web sites that are completely safe. If you are experiencing download problems due to RegClean Pro, simply download from another computer and load the tool on a USB hard drive. Just download a RegClean Pro removal tool on to the portable drive and plug it into the RegClean Pro infected computer.

Once you plug the portable USB, install the removal tool. All anti-spyware tools are made to location the spyware and destroy it. In some cases you will be asked to do a few easy steps and the machine may reboot several times. Do not worry this is normal protocol. Some malicious spyware like RegClean Pro will not uninstall while Windows is still running on your computer.

Reboot in safe mode

In the event that you still cannot uninstall the RegClean Pro move to your antivirus software and try to do a complete scan. First, log out of the internet. Reboot your computer and go into safe mode (repeatedly pressing the F8 as the operating system boots). You will run the antivirus software in safe mode. Do a full antivirus scan while you are in safe mode. You should do frequent antivirus updates.

RegClean Pro manual removal

We recommend you to use our auto-removal RegClean Pro tool.

If the spyware is still wreaking havoc on your machine after a full antivirus scan, it is time to move on to something else. Let’s go in and take it out manually. If you do not know where to begin as far as locating the RegClean Pro, use BartPE Bootable CD. This will give you complete access to your drives and you will be able to manually remove the RegClean Pro files and folders. You place the CD in your drive and reboot the machine. You will have access to File Manager. Remove any suspicious RegClean Pro files and reboot without the CD.

1. Remove RegClean Pro files

2. Remove RegClean Pro registry entries

Registry removal help

You may have to access the registry to remove RegClean Pro. There are some spyware programs that are coded to reinstall after it is deleted. Go to start, run and type REGEDIT and select OK.

If you are not comfortable with the registry, go to start, run and type MSCONFIG. Select the startup tab. Look down the list and uncheck anything that looks suspicious. Hit apply and exit the window. Reboot the computer so that your changes can take effect.


After you remove RegClean Pro, you will have to make sure it does not come back. Use common sense when connecting back to the internet after removing RegClean Pro. Do not accept offers that you did not personally request. Be very careful about installing software that is prompting you to install additional programs. If you do not recognized a software program, just research the program over the internet first or decline the installation.

Change your start page and reset your internet settings. If you are using IE right the icon on your desktop and select properties. Go to the program tab and select reset web settings, apply and ok.

If you use FireFox, in order to do a reset, reboot the computer and go into safe mode. Select start, programs, Mozilla and Mozilla Safe Mode. You will see a dialog box on the screen. You will deselect all add-ons, reset the toolbar, controls, bookmarks, preferences and restore your search engines. Select make changes and reboot your computer. Make sure you are always using internet security software. It will head off RegClean Pro before it can attach itself to your computer.

There is a wealth of auto spyware remover software that is designed to block RegClean Pro. Once you install it, there is nothing more you need to do. It is an excellent way to safeguard your computer. It will also protect your personal information too.

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